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3.5ml DCT Dual Coil Tube Tank- New!

Part Number DCT Dual Coil Tube Tank
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3.5ml DCT Dual Coil Tube Tank- New!
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These are low resistance 1.5 ohm complete Tube Tank Kits with Dual Coil Cartomizers to produce maximum flavor and vapor from your 510 and eGo Electronic eCig. Holds 3.5ml (over 4x as much as the normal size cartomizers) of juice and has Dual Atomizer Coils to produce mega vapor and flavor. This is a must have for serious vapers! Kit comes with: 1 - Tube Assembly,1 - Dual Coil Cartomizer Insert, (Please Note: this insert cartomizer is considered disposable and will last approx. 3-5 days before a new one is needed),1 - 9.2mm Drip Tip.


1. You will need the empty tube tank assembly and a bottle of eLiquid.

2. Remove the drip tip from the internal cartomizer.

3. Fill the internal cartomizer by dripping 10-15 drops of liquid around the edges into the fabric filler. Be careful not to get liquid into the center hole.

4. Slide the internal cartomizer partially out of the tube.

5. Drip liquid into the tube around the internal cartomizer. As it fills you can slide the cartomizer up to prevent liquid from going into the internal cartomizer. Fill as close to the top as you can get without allowing the liquid to leak into the internal cartomizer.

6. Slide the internal cartomizer back into the top sleeve of the tube tank and align the bottom (thread end) with the slot on the end of the tube tank so it's fully inserted into bottom of the tube tank.

7. Replace the drip tip. You'll need to apply pressure to the bottom of the internal cartomizer while pushing the drip tip on to prevent the internal cartomizer from sliding out of the tube tank.

8. Screw onto your device and you're ready to go! Note: VG Liquid does not work well as PG with Tank Tubes because it's much thicker and doesn't absorb into the cartomizer filler as quickly. It will work, but you have to wait longer between puffs to allow the liquid to absorb into the filler.

**You can fill the tank by dripping, as shown above, or use a syringe or needle-tipped bottle which many vapers think is a lot easier!

PLEASE NOTE: Although the parts and accessories for the 510 and eGo are compatible and you can use this with the 510, Low Resistance Cartomizers use more battery power so your batteries will drain much faster. (Works great while it lasts, though!)


Rating Making the switch to these now.
When they ran out of the Vision eGo Clearomizer thought I would try these. Well after getting one to try, I'm going to stick with these. To me, they have better flavor and the vap cloud is amazing. Plus the coil replacements are a lot cheaper. Now I just need to see what works better, the low resistant or the high resistance, so I ordered 1 of each. Excellent product!
  Reviewed by:   from Madison,WI. on 4/4/2013
Rating LOVE IT!!
Took a little "priming" but this thing is smooth, and packs a punch! Holds a ton of juice, I think ill order alot more of these!! Very cost effective and easy to fill.
  Reviewed by:   from Dawsonville GA. on 12/11/2012
Rating great
Must have. Works great Love it! You get the full flavor of the juice and great vapor. Thanks Awesome Vapor been smoke free for 2-3 months and my lungs feel so much better,sleep better,and even using my home gym now cause I don't get winded. Even my doc has said my lungs sound a 100% better! Can't thank you guys enough for providing a great service.
  Reviewed by:   from PA. on 11/16/2012
Rating love it!
I was going thru a bucket load of monster atomizers and carts until I found these. These have better flavor and the refill cartomizer is only $3. I am so glad I got these, they rock!
  Reviewed by:   from savannah. on 10/3/2012
Rating LOVE the tank!!!
Easy to refill, and lasts a long time. Great, powerful hit!!! It's the only one i use now.
  Reviewed by:   from Sugar Hill, GA. on 8/14/2012
Rating wow
Hooked this up to my Volcano Inferno. Tons of thick vape! You must prime this otherwise you'll get burning taste.
  Reviewed by:   from West Georgia. on 4/29/2012

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