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Joye 510-T Blank Cartridges - New!

Part Number 510-T Tank Blank cartridges
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Joye 510-T Blank Cartridges - New!
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Set up your new Joye 510-T atomizer tank system with this box of five blank refillable cartridges. You can fill them quickly and easily by inserting the cartridge into the atomizer and pressing until the tank seal pops. Some cartridges are pre-punctured. You can fill the cartridges in three ways. The easiest way is to punch a hole in the cartridge, set the tip of a bottle of E-liquid against it, and squeeze it gently. You can also fill the cartridge by popping off the cap and squeezing in the E-liquid, or by using a syringe. The atomizers have an inner prong that punctures any empty cartridge you fill. Once the cartridge is inserted into the atomizer, E-liquid slowly drips in just the right amount.

The tank system’s main benefit is the low maintenance. When your cartridge runs out, all you have to do is fill the cartridge and pop it back in. The clear casing allows you to see when the E-liquid is getting low. You can make your journey to a smoke free life much easier and more affordable with this convenient vapor system. Required equipment: The Joye 510-T (Tank) Atomizer or the Joye 510-T Low Resistance (Tank) Atomizer. You can find them in the atomizer section or in the related items section below. You can also find a wide variety of delicious E-liquid flavors to fill your cartridges.

Blank, box of 5 refillable cartridges for the new Joye 510-T atomizer tank system.  To fill, insert cartridge into atomizer and press until tank seal is popped, however some cartridges could come pre-punchered. You WILL NEED the Joye 510-T (Tank) Atomizer for them in the atomizer section or the related items below. These 510-T Tank Blank cartridges function together with the Joye 510-T (Tank) Atomizer or the Joye 510-T Low Resistance (Tank) Atomizer to make awesome vapor and flavor. The atomizers have a prong inside it that punctures the empty cartridge that you fill. When you insert the filled cartridge into the atomizer, eliquid slowly drips into the atomizer at just the right amount. So convenient! The benefit with the tank system is that it's low maintenance. You fill the cartridge, pop it in the atomizer and you don't have to mess with it until the cartridge is almost empty. The cartridge is clear, so you can see the liquid.

These cartridges can be filled 3 different ways. The easiest is to take our bottle of juice and set the hole of the tip of our bottle flush down over and touching the hole you just made in the cartridge, gently squeeze the bottle. It will fill the cartridge. You also can fill by popping the cap off or fill with a needle tip bottle or syringe. Note: Not responsible for any damage resulting from improper use.

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