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Joye 510-T Low Resistance (Tank) Atomizer

Part Number 510-T Tank LR Atty
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Joye 510-T Low Resistance (Tank) Atomizer
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About the Joye 510-T Low Resistance (Tank) Atomizer - New!

The Joye 510-T low-resistance atomizer is a great addition to your collection of tank atomizers. Because it is low-resistance, it provides more vapor than a high-resistance atomizer. The vapor also burns at a higher temperature, which means it is warmer upon inhalation than the vapor produced by other models.

The Joye 510-T uses more battery power than high-resistance models, but it is important that you do not risk your safety or the integrity of your atomizer by using a non-approved battery system. Use this atomizer only with approved power sources, such as compatible eGo batteries. Overall, this model has a reduced lifespan because it is low resistance.

The Inner Workings of the Joye 510-T Low Resistance

Refill tanks are available separately. The design of this atomizer allows you to view how much liquid is still available. This knowledge enables you to refill your atomizer in a timely manner to avoid running it on empty and causing permanent damage. Refilling the Joye 510-T is a simple process that requires only a few minutes.

Joye 510-T Tank Low Resistance Atomizer- New! Alway good to have a spare! You must have the 510-T tank cartridges to use this! What is Low Resistance vs. Standard Resistance? Low resistance tends to produce more vapor. Some say the vapor is warmer as the atomizer burns hotter. If you have a larger battery such as an eGO, the low resistance option is very popular. Low resistance will use more battery power and may have a decreased lifespan.

Rating Ms
Just got the kit and one dose not work. Cant even order a new one. Do like the idea of the tank, so your not putting drops in all the time.
  Reviewed by:   from Plano, IL. on 4/1/2012

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