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Blank Monster Cartridges for eGo (These ARE NOT TANK CARTRIDGES)

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Blank Monster Cartridges for eGo (These ARE NOT TANK CARTRIDGES)
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Extra large capacity cartridge for the Monster eGo atomizer. Holds around 70-75 drops of liquid! Will NOT work on regular atomizer. You WILL need a MONSTER atomizer!! Box of 5.
These extra-large capacity cartridges are designed to work with the Monster eGo atomizer. A Monster atomizer is required for this product to work, this product will not work with a regular atomizer.

Available in sets of five, these cartridges hold around 70-75 drops of your favorite E-liquid. You can purchase the liquid flavor of your choice, the Monster atomizer, and other related accessories here on our website. Browse through our list of categories or use the search bar to find other items.

It can be very hard to stop smoking. There are countless remedies that people use to try to stop this addictive habit, and some work better than others. Vapor remedies have proven to be very effective, and with the advances in technology they are getting more and more affordable. Why spend a fortune on methods to stop smoking when you can choose an affordable and flavorful one? Choose from a wide variety of vapor options on our website.

Rating Once you go Monster...You won't go back!!!
Today was my first day of refilling a Monster Cart. Once you use one of these carts and go with the Monster Setup you will wonder why you didn't do this from the beginning. Fill this up and it should last you all day long. I'm not a big fan of the Flat Tips but with this you almost have to. Love this product!!! Fill’er up with Arno’s Juice and your good all day long with not having to refill every couple of hours like a normal cart. Thanks AV!!!
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 6/11/2012
Rating Finally, one that works
After using the monster cartridge and atomizer for a couple days, I had to write my first e-cig review. I've been using the egoT tank system for quite a while. That is a great system in theory, but the reality is that it floods the atomizer fairly regularly. And that means the dreaded "e-juice in mouth" scenario. No matter how much I fill these guys, that never happens. Just consistent good vaping and with a quick refill from time to time.
  Reviewed by:   from Dallas, TX. on 6/26/2011
Rating Quality at it's best!
These cartridges are Awesome with the Mega atty's. The Quality is superb. and the Price can't be beat. You can drip so much of Arno's e-liquid in these and then vape all day long without having to top off all the time.
  Reviewed by:   from Patchogue, NY. on 12/12/2010
Rating Xsmoker
These are wonderful! Smokes like a cigar! Holds a lot of liquid but remember you need the Monster Atomizer to go with these. You will not be disappointed!
  Reviewed by:   from south carolina. on 11/8/2010

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