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Clearomizers XL (for 510 and eGo) 5 Included!

Part NumberClearo
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Clearomizers XL (for 510 and eGo) 5 Included!
(5) clearmoizers are included
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(5)Blank 510 XL Clearomizer (45mm | Holds 1.6ml | 2.0ohm) Fits all our 510 and eGo eCig products and come blank ready to fill with your favorite liquid!

These are low resistance 2.0ohm cartomizers for maximum flavor and vapor from your eCig. Comes with (5) individually wrapped XL 510/eGo Clearomizers which require a syringe in order to fill.

If you don't have a syringe you will need to purchase one separately. Our syringe is located here: 5ml Syringe for Filling Carts (flat tip) You can not fill them with liquid without having a syringe or needle tip bottle. 

Rating Great product
These are great, I love the true flavor I receive using them. I do open the slits where the wicks come up to the plug. And that way I don't get dry hits. I clean mine using the dry burn method, since I use AV's coffee and it is sweet the coil gets some build up after awhile. Clean them and you are good to go for a few more days. One will last me a good week or more. Everyone at Awesome Vapor is great, been dealing with them for almost 3 years. No complaints. EVER!
Reviewed by: from O'Fallon, Il. on 12/18/2012
Rating Love it!!!!!
Been a Vapor for over 3 years. BEST system yet for me. And the people at Awesome Vapor are GREAT!!!!
Reviewed by: from Sedona, AZ. on 9/24/2012
Rating works for me
I like the clearomizers because they last over a month each. The only draw back is it takes a few fills to get rid of the greasy lube taste.
Reviewed by: from mpls. on 9/5/2012
Rating YUCK!
I recently purchased a box of these cartomizers and was disappointed - tried all five and all they would product was a burning rubber taste. I finally gave up and threw them out. YUCK!
Reviewed by: from Indiana. on 8/18/2012
Rating Inconsistent quality
With the first fill, these carts give great vapor and flavor. The major drawback I see with them is consistency. Some will last for a couple days before needing to be replaced, some will only last a couple hours. There's been a couple times where I never got through the first fill before it stopped producing vapor. There seems to be a quality control issue.
Reviewed by: from West Sacramento . on 7/16/2012
Rating Not the usual bummer!
I have tried them all, wasted my money on some pretty bad excuses for e-cigs. Finally I can say that I have assembled a perfectly usable system. These clear-o-mizers are the key ingredient... attached to my SD (with the adapter they sell here) they perform again and again. Do not be daunted by comments like its hard to fill... it is not. 5 stars and say kudos to both the manufacturer and awesome vapor. My search for a good real-world usable ecig is complete.
Reviewed by: from Long Island, New York. on 5/21/2012
Rating Great but...
I love the vape but had a hard time filling then putting all the rubber pieces back on. Went back to the monster.
Reviewed by: from Savannah. on 4/16/2012
Rating Tube Upgrade!
I have read a lot of reviews complaining that the plastic on the Clearomizers tubes crack and leak..this is a thing of the past!! I had the same complaint for a long time (sometimes they were already cracked when you opened the pack!!). The new tubes are thicker and last MUCH LONGER!! I ONLY use these and LOVE the new design!!! I can't stress enough the great level of customer service you receive from the people at Awesome Vapor!! YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED!!!
Reviewed by: from Rincon, Ga.. on 10/9/2011
Rating Best atomizer design there could be.
I don't think an endless atomizer could be any better. All you have to do is make sure the wick isn't crushed by the seal fill it up and vape away. To refresh the wick I just turn it upside down for a few seconds and it's ready to go. Beats dripping especially when I am trying to drive.Only improvement I could suggest is a more durable material for the plastic tube.
Reviewed by: from wexford, PA. on 6/29/2011
Rating "Excellent!"
I've tried all the styles of cartomizers but the Cleartomizer is my fave of all. I like being able to monitor the liquid content. A tad fragile, yes. After 3 weeks of use, the tube came away from the base, but I ran a light bead of JBWeld around it and fixed 'er right up again! Puffin' on it right now and lovin' it!
Reviewed by: from Cleveland. on 6/26/2011
Rating A Must
Excellent taste with these, preparation is a little elaborate of course but the vapor is worth it! A bit fragile, I wouldn't take it backpacking, but very good to keep on your pass-thru.
Reviewed by: from Cheyenne, WY. on 6/13/2011
Rating YES!
the only down side of vapeing was filling the cap over and over this thing is great only have to refill 2 times a day!
Reviewed by: from acworth GA. on 6/5/2011
Rating best carto
Blows all cartos and atties away hands down been using them for a while. Awesome vapor has the best price too!!! Just gentle with they do break easy but last for weeks if careful.
Reviewed by: from florida. on 4/28/2011
Rating A bit disappointed...
Okay, I LOVE the look of them, the wicking is fantastic, AND they have that great warm vapor! HOWEVER, they are plastic tubes and VERY fragile where they are connected to the base if you apply pressure against the tube at the base in any way, it'll crack and leak some. I've been through 3 of them this week because of this. This one I'm currently using I was extremely cautious with and STILL managed to crack it somehow. I still love this place and will continue to shop here regularly! :)
Reviewed by: from Virginia. on 4/22/2011
Rating Ya Done Did it Agin
I'll never go back to a standard carto again. I've heard other people talk about the taste of the filler in a standard carto but didn't know what they were talking about until now. These things ROCK! 2ml of liquid and smooth vaping with my EgO and E-Power with absolutely no leaking.
Reviewed by: from Ellabell, GA. on 4/8/2011
Rating Great Clearomizer
I have been using Clearomizers since they came out. These are great! Last and last, easy to clean and work everytime. I have had none leak and mine have made it to the bottom of my purse more than once and they lay flat on my desk all day. Just the best!
Reviewed by: from Missouri. on 3/25/2011
Rating Leaky
Awesome awesome carto with one fatal flaw. You can't lay them on their side or they gurgle and leak! According to the manufacturer the problem is random and is being addressed, but all of mine leaked so that's an automatic -2 stars. Other than that they are fantastic. Great vapor, great wicking, awesome vapor, no pun intended. None of my tunes cracked and they were easy to clean. I just cannot have a carto that has to be upright all day!
Reviewed by: from Lorain, OH. on 3/10/2011
Rating Clearomizers
Not only do these look good, they work great! Best atomizer I`ve found yet!
Reviewed by: from Georgia. on 2/24/2011
Rating Fantastic!
These work great! Look cool, don't leak & plenty of vapor Fantastic!!! Thx guys y'all are awesome. 8 months analog cig free. I feel great! Ire B.
Reviewed by: from Sylvester ga . on 2/23/2011

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