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Most excellent, I didn't think I would like this flavor but I was pleasantly surprised! If you like clove cigarettes, you will definitely love this. Best Price on the Internet! 18 ml bottle. AND for a limited time when you buy a bottle, I will throw in a 3 ml bottle as well. This way you can try out something else without wasting your money if you don't like it. Not responsible for any problems resulting from improper use. Keep this and all chemicals away from children and pets. Sample strength is 18mg. NOTE; To get different samples for each bottle add each one separately. DILUTION Many suppliers dilute their flavors with propylene glycol to reduce the nicotine level. We use only the pure flavored juice, ordered straight from the manufacturer, no diluting. You get the real Mc'coy.

Rating The Real Deal
Finally able to get clove fix on for the first time since Djarum's were outlawed. I know there's no tobacco in it so I might try to mix a little together, maybe not though, it's just that good. Speaking of mixing, I tried Cloves with the AV chocolate. Add a cup of strong black coffee and every morning is a good morning.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 2/13/2013
Rating Lovin me some Clove
There are alot of juices that just drown out over time. Meaning the flavor gets jaded in your pallet. Not this clove. It really has flavor every time you take a puff of this vapor. WOW!
  Reviewed by:   from Pueblo Colorado. on 7/6/2012
Rating Authentic Clove
I've tried the clove flavor from other suppliers and am always disappointed. Either I get black licorice or some weird chemical taste but AwesomeVapor clove is spot on! More like a "black" than a "special" as it has no tobacco flavor so keep that in mind. A++
  Reviewed by:   from So Cal. on 5/30/2012
Rating Nice flvr
you gotta try AW's clove flvr if you have tried clove cigs before. I wish it was VG base though but gg.
  Reviewed by:   from Houston. on 10/21/2011
Rating awesome flavor
Clove has the best flavor ever! also the numbness on your tounge is great to.
  Reviewed by:   from Clearwater Florida. on 10/18/2011
Rating wow Great
i loved it is really good
  Reviewed by:   from Los Angeles CA. on 6/27/2011
Rating Yummy in your mouth
This flavor absolutely rocks! It reminds me of my college days when I hung out in coffee shops and smoked clove cigarettes. By itself, it perfectly replicates a clove cigarette. It works especially well when dripped. As a mixer, it goes great with cherry, tobacco, and vanilla flavors. I'd imagine that it works with other fruit flavors as well, but never vaped any fruit other than cherry. I also recommend mixing with RY4.
  Reviewed by:   from Huntington, WV. on 4/21/2011
Rating If you like cloves, you'll like this
This stuff is amazing. It's the first e-liquid I've gotten that I've loved. It tastes just like sweet cloves, and leaves a nice taste in your mouth. Remember, it's clove flavor, not clove-tobacco (that you'll have to make on your own). However, I HATE all tobacco flavors, and this flavor makes me feel like I'm smoking a real cigarette once again. If you liked cloves, then I guarantee you'll like this - all my friends have.
  Reviewed by:   from boston ma. on 2/27/2011
Rating Whoa baby
Wow this stuff is a butt kicker I used to smoke clove cigs all the time but this liquid is better however I do miss the sweet lip resin (note this stuff never comes out of an atomizer so you might want to get one just for this jus and it is worth it)
  Reviewed by:   from Hampton VA. on 2/6/2011
Rating my favorite
This is not one you will have to use your imagination to fill in the blanks. It is in every way a clove cig. Vapor production is excellent, throat hit is second only to the menthol imo and the taste is by far the richest I have tried. Its a 12 out of 10
  Reviewed by:   from colorado. on 11/13/2010
Rating Brings back memories...
I used to smoke these little black/puple cigs that were called Cloves. This eLiquid is just like them and only one dollar more. That's right, a pack of those smokes cost me around 7 bucks. This stuff lasts alot longer than those smokes did too. This is a great flavor to have to change things up. Get it, you won't be disappointed. My second favorite behind menthol.
  Reviewed by:   from Mocksville, NC. on 11/5/2010
Rating Do you miss your cloves?
Then trust me, you'll simply love this. This is the essence of a high quality clove oil...excellent flavor. I have recommended this to everybody. Great flavor, great vapor. It mixes extremely well with Cherry and Green Apple. Highly recommended for anybody wanting to quit cig flavors, but unwilling to go to just's simply a happy middle of the road.
  Reviewed by:   from Denver. on 10/18/2010
Rating The joy of clove
Amazing clove flavor. If you like clove then buy this. At $8 it's probably the best deal out there.
  Reviewed by:   from .. on 9/10/2010

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