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Refreshing cola taste. Best Price on the Internet! 18 ml bottle. AND for a limited time when you buy a bottle, I will throw in a 3 ml bottle as well. This way you can try out something else without wasting your money if you don't like it. Not responsible for any problems resulting from improper use. Keep this and all chemicals away from children and pets. Sample strength is 18mg. NOTE: To get different samples for each bottle add each one separately. DILUTION- Many suppliers dilute their flavors with propylene glycol to reduce the nicotine level. We use only the pure flavored juice, ordered straight from the manufacturer, no diluting. You get the real Mc'coy.

Rating decent.
good. somehow they managed to get the carbonated cola feel into a vape and that's quite awesome. it is a bit on the sweet side and reminds me of the cola candies you'd buy at a convenient store but there's definitely a cola taste. it's pretty refreshing but it isn't an all day vape for me.
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta, GA. on 8/28/2013
Rating Cola flavored Liquid
I was hoping for a flavor similar to the famous unique taste of Coke, but leaves an aftertaste of something similar to a cheap Walmart brand Cola flavor. It almost tastes like the cola gummy candies. a few drops of cherry seem to lighten up the taste and give it a sweeter punch on your tongue...
  Reviewed by:   from Los Angeles, CA. on 2/19/2013
Rating not for me
It was terrible. Tastes nothing like cola. I got a big bottle and couldnt give it away if i wanted too. I was so mad. You shouldnt have to mix flavors for a good vap. Would recommend to anyone.
  Reviewed by:   from cola. on 2/14/2013
Rating Tastes like candy!!
I got the 18mg as a sample since I wasn't sure what it would taste like. Although this does taste like Coke it actually tastes almost exactly like the Coca-Cola gummy bears that you can buy at the candy shop at the mall. The throat hit is kind of weak compared to other 18mg flavors I have tried but, the after taste is straight candy. Don't forget to try Dr. Pepper which is similar in taste but, has a stronger throat hit.
  Reviewed by:   from Hermitage. on 8/15/2011
Rating Pretty good
I like the way it tastes but it doesn't really taste like Coke. I think the best part is the way it hits the back of your throat. It's just different, but very enjoyable.
  Reviewed by:   from CONCORD. on 6/11/2011
Rating good
I personally dont love it, it tastes good, just think the act of inhaling coloa flavor isnt for me
  Reviewed by:   from MD. on 4/9/2011
Rating My fav so far!
Absolutely delicious cola flavor. Only juice I have tried so far that I have used as an all day vape. I got this in 24mg so it produces a very good throat hit also.
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 3/9/2011
Rating Even better than the real thing
Mix in some cherry and you won't be disappointed. A full bottle of this and a sample of cherry will give you the right proportion to perfectly replicate Cherry Coke. About 1 drop cherry to every 10 drops Coke does it for me.
  Reviewed by:   from Huntington, WV. on 2/23/2011
Rating Scrumptious!
As someone who pretty much lives on Coke, and considers all other colas crimes against humanity, I have to say that this is incredible! I got some with my custom sample pack. Mixes very well with the rum flavor as well... I couldn't be more pleased and will definitely be ordering a large bottle soon!
  Reviewed by:   from Mt Top, PA. on 2/16/2011
Rating My 2nd Favorite!
This is a very good flavor! I can't believe how delicious it is! Definitely on my top list I only wish it produced better vapor.But I definitely recommend this flavor!
  Reviewed by:   from Jacksonville, FL. on 1/23/2011
Rating So close!
This is by far one of my favs! its very close to the real thing and sounds like its fizzing as you hit it!
  Reviewed by:   from Dallas, TX. on 1/15/2011
Rating coca cola
how did you match the flavor of CC I don't know but glad that you did. This one is amazing in a sense that CC flavor is on the money and has nice flavor inhaling and nice flavor even on the way out. I can do this one all day!
  Reviewed by:   from nyc. on 11/27/2010
Rating Love it
Very accurate taste. Tried a Dr. Pepper one from another place that was pretty close but weak. Hoping to see you guys give that a shot too. Great work!
  Reviewed by:   from Va.. on 11/10/2010
Rating Coke is a must-smoke!
Vaping this juice really gives you a new appreciation for this classic taste, so much like the real thing it's scary! Arno is the DaVinci of Vapor!
  Reviewed by:   from Cumming, GA. on 11/9/2010
I like this one. It tastes really close to the real thing. Thumbs up.
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta. on 9/15/2010
Rating A coke and a smile
I Just tried the coco-cola. I have never laughed from trying an e-liquid, but I must say I did after trying this one. It taste so much like coke, and like someone else mentioned, I swear I thought there was carbonation going on. It has to be psychological by having such an authentic taste, this truly is Awesome!
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 9/11/2010
Rating Love it!
The Coca-Cola is great with the cinnamon!!! Gives me the burn real smokes use to
  Reviewed by:   from New Mexico. on 8/14/2010
Rating oh em geeee
okay, this one was amazingly just like the real thing, minus the carbonation, but even then something about it made it feel as if there was carbonation?! it felt like a mouthful of coke, no lie! shockingly accurate flavor, i was amazed
  Reviewed by:   from washington. on 8/10/2010

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