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Gift Ideas for the Vaping Enthusiast

Posted by Dupree on 1/22/2014 to Electronic Cigarettes
Gift Ideas for the Vaping Enthusiast

If you are looking for gifts for a vaping enthusiast, consider new vapor flavors or accessories that the person might not already own. When you are buying vaping accessories, your goal is to find objects that have a specific use but are not so specific that they never get used.

Start your gift shopping with a vaporizer lanyard. This lanyard lets your friend manage a vaporizer or an electronic cigarette hands-free without worrying about losing the vaporizer. Simply attach the vaporizer to the lanyard, then let it dangle safely around the neck between uses. This lanyard is ideal for travel and for taking vaporizers or electronic cigarettes to events like sports games or outdoor concerts.

If your friend has ever complained about having to wait for a vaporizer to recharge, it is time to buy a pass-through vaporizer recharger. This handy tool allows people to continue to use their vaporizers even as the devices recharge. Just because your friend's vaporizer is out of juice does not mean your friend must also be out of vapor.

Lastly, consider new, fun vaporizer cartridges. Vaporizer companies are always coming out with new flavors, such as peach cobbler or strawberry-banana milkshake. Consider giving your friend a variety pack that includes both sweet and savory vapors; that way, it is guaranteed to include a new flavor that suits your friend's tastes.

These are only a few of the many gift ideas for the vaping enthusiast. Start shopping around for unique, fun vaporizer accessories or new vapor flavors. Do not be afraid to ask your friend what accessories are already on the wish list. When you give something that is both unique and useful, your friend is sure to like your vaporizer-themed gift.

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