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Juicy Peach

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Juicy Peach
Juicy Peach
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Peach lovers unite! Juicy. Best Price on the Internet! 18 ml bottle. AND for a limited time when you buy a bottle, I will throw in a 3 ml bottle as well. This way you can try out something else without wasting your money if you don't like it. Not responsible for any problems resulting from improper use. Keep this and all chemicals away from children and pets. Sample strength is 18mg. NOTE; To get different samples for each bottle add each one separately. DILUTION Many suppliers dilute their flavors with propylene glycol to reduce the nicotine level. We use only the pure flavored juice, ordered straight from the manufacturer, no diluting. You get the real Mc'coy.

Rating Perfect Peach
This "juicy peach" tastes like an actual peach!!!! other branded peach juices can taste artificial / air freshener. This one tastes like an actual peach!!! It is mild and not too sweet. It's my favorite go-to for daily vaping.
  Reviewed by:   from Boston, MA. on 11/18/2014
Rating A winner
This is the 2nd bottle of AV peach I have bought, the 1st one when I went to the shop, this one via web order. I ordered on Wed. and it arrived on Fri...super fast shipping. This peach is delicious, as it should be coming from GA! If you want a true fresh peach flavor this is the one.
  Reviewed by:   from NC. on 8/2/2013
Rating Ms.
This is my favorite all day vape. Please never change it or your Special Roast Coffee-PERFECTION
  Reviewed by:   from AL. on 2/1/2013
Rating Wonderful Peach in the Peach State
Like some of the others here I have tried peach from other vendors, but this one simply obliterated the others. It's a clean, fresh peach flavour that just works for me. Whatever problem the one bad review had, she should go back and try it again, probably at the store. I'm sure they can straighten it out. Bottom line, I'm very pleased with this and it's my primary flavour.
  Reviewed by:   from Cumming, GA. on 10/12/2012
Rating Best Peach
The best peach I've found is right here. Not too sweet. It's my main flavor to vape.
  Reviewed by:   from Minneapolis. on 7/18/2012
Rating Nice
Great flavor, not overly sweetened
  Reviewed by:   from West Georgia. on 4/29/2012
Rating Soooo Good!
I have tried many different peach juices from different vendors and had resigned myself to the fact I just didn't care for peach... boy was I wrong! This is one of my new favorites! It is a fresh peach rather than a candy flavor, which I LOVE! Very clean spot on fresh peach. I am so glad I tried it.
  Reviewed by:   from Villa Rica, GA. on 4/21/2012
Rating Shouldnt be called "Peach"
Because this tastes like im vaping an aluminum can. Terrible metal taste and awful burn in my throat. I know its not my atty because i tried other flavors and they're great, just this peach is gross. I dont know what flavor you other guys got but I definitely didnt get it.
  Reviewed by:   from Cumming, GA. on 8/16/2011
Rating Best peach flavor around.
This is not have that fake peach flavor like most peach juices I have tried. Not too sweet just like biting into a ripe peach. This is hands down my favorite fruit flavor on the site. You guys really nailed this one.
  Reviewed by:   from Oregon. on 5/5/2011
Rating Could vape this peach for hours
If you like peaches at all, you can't go wrong with this mix. Light, semi-sweet, very aromatic and tastes a dead ringer of its namesake, like it was plucked plump, ripe and fresh from a Georgia orchard. Well done AV!
  Reviewed by:   from New Mexico. on 5/2/2011
Rating really good
I really like this one, kind of like a peach green tea, very good.
  Reviewed by:   from MD. on 4/24/2011
Rating Mmm...Peachy!
I am really glad I took a chance on this flavor! Very good peachy taste, reminds me of a peach jolly rancher candy without the sweet! Great for mixing with other flavors too. Nice vape and th with this one as well! A definate must try!
  Reviewed by:   from San Antonio TX. on 1/21/2011
Rating So so so so good!
I just got this in today and I must say that I was totally impressed as soon as I caught a whiff of this wonderfully fragrant juice. It smells exactly of a fresh juicy peach. The vapor is excellent! I think i just found a favorite!
  Reviewed by:   from Bakersfield, Ca. on 11/15/2010
Rating juicy peach the name says it all.
Very nice relaxing vape not overly sweet and very much taste like a peach.
  Reviewed by:   from NJ. on 11/10/2010
Rating vape master
well i was a little cautious about this one cause i dont really like the sweeter juices im more of a tobacco guy. but it was refreshing tobacco with just a hint of peach very smooth but a nice bit of throat hit. so if your looking for a juice with just a hint of sweet and you like peaches this is right for you
  Reviewed by:   from Va. on 10/23/2010
Rating Great Flavor
Very good flavor, not too sweet. I ordered a sample with my last order and am now adding it to my regular order list.
  Reviewed by:   from Hunstville, AL. on 8/22/2010
Rating very tasty indeed
i really liked it, i found myself vaping huuge on this one, i couldnt get enough! never disappointed with arno and his family! super awesome vapor!
  Reviewed by:   from washington. on 8/10/2010
Rating Good Stuff
I really like this flavor. It's sweet but not overly sweet with a refreshing peach flavor. Produces a good amount of vapor, but not much throat hit.
  Reviewed by:   from NJ. on 8/6/2010

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