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Needle Tip Bottles

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When you have to refill it's rather annoying as sometimes you tend for forget to check your e-cigarette before heading out into the world and when you run out of oil it's just disheartening. One of the main ideas in stopping this feeling is to bring along the oil or flavor you want to refill your e-cigarette.

Of course bringing the entire bottle with you could be problematic because what if you leave the bottle somewhere or loose it? Then you are completely out of your favorite flavor to smoke and enjoy, but what if we said that you could avoid this problem?

Allow us to introduce the needle tip bottle! You can fill this bottle with the amount you want and take the flavor with you anywhere you go in the world. With the needle nose tip you can refill almost every device. We offer this great product at an amazing price!

These are very handy when you are on the go. They hold 10 ml. The diameter of the tip will NOT fit in the CE-2 cartomizer hole. The cap/tip will NOT fit our regular 16ml bottles. The needle is not sharp.

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