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USA'S Favorite Blend

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USA'S Favorite Blend
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Like the cig (Closest yet) The Number 1 Seller for newbies, many long termers love it too! Best Price on the Internet! 18 ml bottle. AND for a limited time when you buy a bottle, I will throw in a 3 ml bottle as well. This way you can try out something else without wasting your money if you don't like it. Not responsible for any problems resulting from improper use. Keep this and all chemicals away from children and pets. Sample strength is 18mg. NOTE; To get different samples for each bottle add each one separately. DILUTION Many suppliers dilute their flavors with propylene glycol to reduce the nicotine level. We use only the pure flavored juice, ordered straight from the manufacturer, no diluting. You get the real Mc'coy.

Rating No more cigarettes for me
Proud to say I haven't smoked or even craved a cigarette since I tasted this flavor. Wonderful taste and vaper at 18mg. With no after taste. It has totally taken away the urge to ever smoke again! Love it and highly recommend trying this flavor if you are brand new to vaping.
  Reviewed by:   from Kentucky. on 8/30/2013
Rating Good people
Turkish blend is my fave, but so is usa. its all good product,andgoodpeople that run this site!!! That,s a hard combination to find now a days!! God Bless
  Reviewed by:   from Tulsa,Ok. on 6/7/2013
Rating Very Good
As an ex smoker, this is my 2nd favorite (behind nutty tobacco). It's very smooth and I can't wait to get more in a higher nicotine strength.
  Reviewed by:   from MS. on 12/20/2012
Rating Great
As always awesome! Thanks Awesome Vapor
  Reviewed by:   from PA. on 11/16/2012
Rating So smooth!!
This was with my 1st purchase from AV. I gotta say the taste and vapor is so smooth. I use to be heavy smoker with Red. Then changed to light. I gotta say this juice really hit the spot. This gonna be my main and only juice from now on. Not to mention the free smaple!! I love the great price and fast shipping from AV!! =D
  Reviewed by:   from Dirty South, GA. on 8/4/2012
Rating Thrilled!
I have tried nearly every juice on the market to refill my cartomizer, but nothing comes close to satisfying until this one! So close to analog I almost feel guilty smoking it...good vapor, GREAT throat hit
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 6/20/2012
Rating USA blend
I tried all the tobacco flavors to find the closest one to what I enjoy and this is the absolute best! I've been non-smoking and only vaping for 9 months now and my hardest times are coffee in the morning and my cocktails in the evening! This blend has made it SO easy to quit the nasty habit of smoking during my most difficult times! Thank you so much Awesome Vapor!
  Reviewed by:   from Pennsylvania. on 6/18/2012
Rating My favorite!
I like this one a lot! Im very new to vaping and I bought what I thought was closest to a cig. Though I have a few other flavors this is the one I keep returning to. Great throat hit and great vapor. Tastes like a real cig. My husband didnt care for it but he seems to like the fruit flavors more.
  Reviewed by:   from Margate, FL. on 5/11/2012
Rating Nice!
This is the first juice I've bought from Awesome Vapor, and I'm impressed. You can't beat the price, and it tastes similar to other "cig" flavors out there. This juice is smooth and vapes really well. I'll be buying again. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta, GA. on 4/17/2012
Rating Not for me but...
Let's face it.... there is no replacement for a marl***o but for a newbie, this is worth a try if you are determined to have what is closest. I've tried every company there is and this version is by far the best out there, but this just isn't for me. It has a smokey way about it thats hard to explain, and the more you vape it the better it gets. I'd recommend the RY-4 instead, now it is AWESOME! My husband does like the USA's Favorite Blend but for me it's Awesome Vapor's RY-4!
  Reviewed by:   from Oklahoma. on 9/6/2011
Rating Most like Tobacco
Out of all the Tabacco like flavors I've tried this has to be the closest. Now it doesn't taste exactly like a cigarette, lets be honest nothing will; But it's close enough for those who are new to vaping, and unsure what to get, to be an instant hit.
  Reviewed by:   from CONCORD. on 6/11/2011
Rating love it
great taste
  Reviewed by:   from acworth GA. on 6/5/2011
Rating Delicious!
Just got my bottle of this today, and I've got to say I love it! Not as sweet and maybe a little more "smoky" than other cig flavors I've tried. This may very well be my all-day vape!
  Reviewed by:   from Mt Top. on 4/26/2011
Rating Very good!
Been using this for about a week now, and I have to say it's an all day vaper. This is so far a great flavor for those who want a mellow taste and a good vapor.
  Reviewed by:   from Pasdena, CA. on 4/13/2011
Rating Excellent
Perfect flavor. Well balanced. Understandably most popular flavor.
  Reviewed by:   from Roanoke. on 1/31/2011
Rating This is THE best e juice!
I've tried a few flavors but this is defiantly my all time favorite.The flavor is mild but sweet, this one gives the most vapor compared to other juices on my 801.
  Reviewed by:   from Jacksonville, FL. on 1/20/2011
Rating Pretty good!
I like it, but I prefer RY-4. This has more of a tobacco flavor and isn't very sweet at all. Nice balance.
  Reviewed by:   from Round Rock Frontier, TX. on 1/20/2011
Rating Its hard calling this my second favorite
because its absolutely delicious! I'm not going to lie, I thought "USA's Favorite" was a stupid name for e-liquid. I thought it was a clever ploy to get people suckered into buying some gross flavor. Boy was I wrong! Its hard calling this one my second favorite, for if it was any better, it would be my #1. A little watery over others, but its hard to complain.
  Reviewed by:   from Healdsburg, CA. on 12/7/2010
Rating My favorite so far...
I've tried several liquids so far and this is the only one I have found that I truely enjoy vaping. I'm very picky about flavors and have had a hard time finding one I like. You wont be disappointed with this one.
  Reviewed by:   from Illinois. on 11/29/2010
Rating Great Vape Any Time
This is a personal favorite. This liquid has a mellow flavor with a light sweet finish. This is a flavor I could vape 24/7 and never get tired of it.
  Reviewed by:   from Arizona. on 11/27/2010
Rating Best all-day vape
Been trying a lot of juices to find a good all-day vape. This is the best I've found. Great smooth taste with exceptional vapor production.
  Reviewed by:   from Austin. on 11/20/2010
Rating Not only USA's Favorite but mine as well
This is by far my favorie all day vape. I enjoy quite a few of the flavors here but this is the one I always find myself coming back to again and again.
  Reviewed by:   from Minneapolis. on 11/8/2010
Rating very nice
has a nice smooth taste. i bought the 24 mg and i will buy it again. good throat hit. not harsh at all.
  Reviewed by:   from new york. on 10/21/2010
Rating Good Side Arm
Good standard middle toad tobacco flavor. Not "exactly" like an MBO but pretty damn close. Vapor on this one is extra good for some reason. This is a tobacco I could smoke every day and not have it overpower or linger in my mouth or compete with food and drink.
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta. on 9/15/2010
Rating cigg taste
Liked this one alot like the ciggs i was smoking before very close to the real deal (better if you ask me)
  Reviewed by:   from worcester mass. on 9/3/2010
Rating Maybe my favorite tobacco flavor
This one is really good, the flavor is not too sweet, which is what I'm looking for in a tobacco flavor.. This one may be the best one so far.. Im not sure, they are all great.. this one is very cigarette-like though.
  Reviewed by:   from Fresno, California. on 8/20/2010
Rating Great Marl *Cough* USA FAV BLEND taste
This is truly one of the best in the line up (for tobacco flavors) Nice rich flavor and a favorite in my house. I was a die hard M*rlb*ro :-) smoker and this is pretty close to the real deal. Nice throat hit at 36 mg and great vapor production. 5 stars all the way!!
  Reviewed by:   from NJ. on 8/2/2010
Rating nice e liquid!!!!!
has a nice smooth flavor. great vapor production and very good throat hit. i will more than likley order this product again
  Reviewed by:   from d'ville texas. on 7/23/2010

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