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USB to wall charger

Part Number USB2Wall
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USB to wall charger
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This is a charger that allows you to charge/use a USB device with a wall outlet. Example: This is one of two chargers that come with the eGo kit originally. The eGo battery requires the use of the eGo Fast USB charger and if you want to also charge in the wall, you will need this USB to wall charger additional. Note: Not responsible for any damage resulting from improper use.

There are many ways in which you can charge your eGo Twist. The original eGo kit already comes with this USB-to-wall charger, in addition to the USB charger. But if in case you misplaced this piece, then you can easily replace it with this separate charger.

To use, simply insert your eGo cigarette onto the USB charger and then connect it to this USB-to-wall charger. Afterwards, just plug it in a compatible socket and leave it there for charging. We highly advise the use of this charger that’s designed for eGo batteries, as opposed to general types. Also do take note that you can’t use this charger without the USB one. If you have lost both chargers, then you’ll also need to get the separate USB charger as well. Get your USB-to-wall charger right now to have more options when it comes to fast and convenient charging of your eGo.

USB Fast Charger for eGo Batteries
USB Fast Charger for eGo Batteries
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Your Price: $7.00
USB Pass~Thru Battery for the LEO
USB Pass~Thru Battery for the LEO
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