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The eGo-T (Tank) Atomizer Type-A

Part Number T-Atty
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The eGo-T (Tank) Atomizer Type-A
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The eGo-T Tank Atomizer

The eGo-T atomizer (type-A) and tank cartridges function together to make awesome vapor and flavor. The atomizer has a prong inside it that punctures the empty cartridge that you fill. Some cartridges are already pre-punchered. When you insert the filled cartridge into the atomizer, eliquid slowly drips into the atomizer at just the right amount. So convenient! The benefit with the tank system is that it's low maintenance. You fill the cartridge, pop it in the atomizer and you don't have to mess with it until the cartridge is almost empty. The cartridge is clear, so you can see the liquid.

Get Tanked with the eGo-T Tank Cartridge

The cartridge for this atomizer can be filled 3 different ways. The easiest is to take our bottle of juice and set the hole of the tip of our bottle flush down over and touching the hole you just made in the cartridge, gently squeeze the bottle. It will fill the cartridge. You also can fill by popping the cap off or fill with a needle tip bottle or syringe.

These are compatible with the Joyetech eGo battery. You WILL NEED a box of eGo-T cartridges, (tanks), you can find them in the Cartridge section or in our related items below. Get tanked!!

The atomizer no longer comes with a empty cartridge/mouthpiece .

Note: Not responsible for any damage resulting from improper use.

Rating works well although.........
once you 1st get the ego tank atty for a couple of days you will get a burnt taste it turned me off using it but i gave it 3 - 4 days and after that it its a awesome atty!
  Reviewed by:   from Clearwater Florida. on 10/18/2011
Rating takes time
My only gripe with the ego-t is the burn in time for the new atty's. It turns me off to the tank system for a few days. Once the atty kicks in it is fine.
  Reviewed by:   from Sebastian, Fl. on 6/5/2011
Rating Ego Tank
I have been a Awesome Vapor customer for 2 years, and I have to say this E go Tank, is the best item Arno has ever sold. All E ciggs should have this design implemented. I love that my hands don't get messy placing the juice in the cartridges also. Outstanding product!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Vero Beach FL. on 4/15/2011
Rating Very Cool
Had done some reading about this, couldn't wait to try it. Love it. So convenient. I will be buying another soon don't want to be with out this device. So appreciate Awesome Vapors. There service is a class act.
  Reviewed by:   from Oklahoma. on 3/30/2011
Rating Works well but...
the T system is a great piece to have in your EGO arsenal, but as I found out the T does not play well with 50/50 PG/VG. For that I had to go back to the Monster system. But I like the ease of the T system over any other option. If your looking for something to make your PV experience a little simpler and easier, you'll enjoy the T system. I don't notice much difference in taste in comparison to 510 attys but vapor production is increased, though not quite on par with a monster atty.
  Reviewed by:   from Cleveland, Ohio. on 3/24/2011
Rating best so far
o yeah like these out of any so far, started with a 510 direct dripping but atty's burn out to fast(like a week or less) tried the ceramic carts, to messy and tastes funny to me. but, these Tanks are awesome(-_-) been on same one for 2 weeks now, great vapor producer, holds a lot of liquid. by far the best!
  Reviewed by:   from west covina. on 3/23/2011
Rating I'm Sold!
I wasn't sure how to fill the chamber but I just searched up a u-tube video and had it filled and was vaping away very quickly. Extremely happy with the Ego-T system! Easy to use, best flavor from juices ever, and it's not as messy as filling my carts. Thanks Arno & Amanda for carrying this product!
  Reviewed by:   from Draper, Utah. on 3/10/2011
Rating ego-t
This review does not reflect on (Awesome Vapor) they are a solid vendor, now then I really wanted to ejoy this "ego-t' but the draws seem like i'm vaping nothing but air, the draw is very stiff + every other draw tastes like a dry burn't atty knowing that I have a full tank of juice. I cannot recommend this product:(
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia. on 3/9/2011
Rating Awesome
Received My "eGo-T" 1hr ago..I looked at a few reviews B4 I Ordered So I knew what would be comming...Blow out that Nasty primer fluid...It is working "Awesome"..Idea make a Dual Chamber for 2 Juice Mix or 3 Chamber, might be less Juice but you can mix the way you like.
  Reviewed by:   from Roswell,New Mexico. on 3/9/2011
Rating Works great
I received my tank system today. This system is great. Make sure you blow the primer fluid out of the atomizer as best you can before use. It takes about a good tank full to start getting a good taste out of it. I'm a carto guy who never drips, so this has to be good for me to use it. The service and great products you get from Awesome vapor are fantastic. They are #1 in my book. Thanks guys..
  Reviewed by:   from Sylvester GA. on 3/4/2011

eGo-T Type-A tank cartridges
eGo-T Type-A tank cartridges
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