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eGo-T Type-A tank cartridges

Part Number ego-Tcarts
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eGo-T Type-A tank cartridges
eGo-T Type A Tank cartridges Blue - Box of 5
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Box of 5. Empty eGo-T Tank Type A cartridges. PLEASE NOTE: These will NOT fit the eGo Type B atomizers. Choice of transparent blue or clear. Fill with your favorite e-liquid, holds about a milliliter. You WILL NEED the eGo-T Type A Atomizer for them in the atomizer section or the related items below.
These Type A tank cartridges function together with the eGo-T tank Atomizer Type A or the Low Resistance eGo-T Tank Atomizer to make awesome vapor and flavor. The atomizers have a prong inside it that punctures the empty cartridge that you fill. Some cartridges are already pre-punchered. When you insert the filled cartridge into the atomizer, eliquid slowly drips into the atomizer at just the right amount. So convenient!
The benefit with the tank system is that it's low maintenance. You fill the cartridge, pop it in the atomizer and you don't have to mess with it until the cartridge is almost empty. The cartridge is clear, so you can see the liquid.
This package contains five blue eGo-T Type A Tank cartridges. These cartridges will only fit the eGo-C Type Atomizers. 

Refilling these cartridges is very easy. Take off the hard plastic cap at the end opposite of the mouth piece, fill it up with E-liquid, replace the cap, and insert the cartridge in your eGo-Tank Atomizer. It is normal for the atomizer to puncture new cartridges with a needle inside.

You can save money by reusing your cartridges instead of buying new ones. Simply take off the plastic cap, rinse it out with warm water, let it dry, and then refill it with your favorite liquid. You can use the same E-liquid all the time, or you can try a new flavor every time you refill it for constant variety.

Atomizers are a very effective method that is used to help people stop smoking. There is a wide variety of flavors available to make the experience enjoyable, and the system is very affordable and easy to use. We offer all of the supplies and accessories you will need here on our website so you can get everything in one convenient order.  

These cartridges can be filled 3 different ways. The easiest is to take our bottle of juice and set the hole of the tip of our bottle flush down over and touching the hole you just made in the cartridge, gently squeeze the bottle. It will fill the cartridge. You also can fill by popping the cap off or fill with a needle tip bottle or syringe. Note: Not responsible for any damage resulting from improper use.

Rating Almost perfect
The EGO-T TYPE-A TANK CARTRIDGES are good but, the cover where you put your juice in, is simply too hard to open. I love my Ego-T and would recommend it. Great E-Cig.
  Reviewed by:   from Georgia. on 1/13/2013
Rating much more vapor by accident
My joyetech with the ego- tank fell out of my hands and hit the floor. The little top at the very end of the tank, flew out. When I began to vapor, I noticed a major increase in vapor and throat hit. Wow people remove that little tip for a great vapor hit. I'm so glad this happened by mistake. I feel that tip restricts the flow.
  Reviewed by:   from Vero Beach. on 10/5/2011
Rating wwoooT
i buy this all the time for my ego T the best my fav are the blue ones
  Reviewed by:   from Los Angeles CA. on 6/27/2011
Rating Incredible
Love this! No mess. No topping off. Just fill and go. Took me a bit to get used to it, don't usually drip. But I soon got used to it and won't go back to carts again. So much more convenient.
  Reviewed by:   from Oklahoma. on 3/30/2011
Rating Problem Solved
Been vaping since July 2010, using eGo and mostly Monster atty and carts. Every complaint I could have about vaping has been solved by using the "T" system. I love it. Pop the cap, fill'er up and start vaping. No muss no fuss mo mess. The "T" battery is also nice if you don't mind the increased size over the standard eGo battery. Only been 2 days but I have no complaints and only praise thus far.
  Reviewed by:   from Cleveland, Ohio. on 3/17/2011
Rating Work fantastic
I received these with my tank system. They work great . No leaks or mess. I'm a carto guy who never drips. That has changed with the tank system. You can't ask for any better service or products from any one. Awesome vapor are # 1 in both areas!! Thanks guys
  Reviewed by:   from Sylvester. GA. on 3/4/2011
Rating Awesome!
If you love to drip this is for you! No more trying to drip while driving this tank system is just awesome and a lot of flavor. I no longer use my drip tips and couldn't be more happy about it!
  Reviewed by:   from Austin Tx. on 2/19/2011

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